Octopus’s Garden

I’m no artist, but this past summer I took a digital art class to fulfill my art requirement. Below is one of the projects I had to make. It’s a surrealistic self-portrait.

And this was a comic book cover I had to make.

And this was the animated GIF I had to make. I liked the idea of continuing the octopus/under sea theme. The image actually moves and stuff. There’s a submarine that comes in, and the octopus knocks it away with one of his tentacles. Unfortunately the animation doesn’t work here, so all you’ll see is this still picture.

EDIT: If you click on the picture, you should be able to see the animation.

And here’s a water color picture I had to do in one of my Education classes. The class was about how to teach children art. I’m really no artist, but art is kinda fun. We had to paint an under-sea landscape for this project. But as you can probably tell, I’m rather fond of the sea. And purple octopus’s.

And that’s pretty much the extent of my artistic ability.

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