Questions and Answers!

Today, Rob takes some time to answer a few questions he has been asked frequently. 


Question 1・ハワイ、東京、沖縄館のチケットはロブさんが負担しましたよね? Did Rob buy the round-trip ticket for this Okinawa trip by himself?

Answer 1: Yes, I bought the round-trip ticket for the Okinawa and Japan trip by myself.


Question 2・結成した会の名前は、  「ロバートカジワラ来沖プロジェクト」で良いか? The host team is “Robert Kajiwara Coming to Okinawa Project”?

Answer 2: Yes, the “Robert Kajiwara Coming to Okinawa Project” was my management team in charge for the entire duration of my time in Okinawa. They handled my entire schedule for me, including coordinating, driving, translating, etc. A couple of them even did my laundry for me! I am very appreciative of all of their hard work! The trip would not have been a success without them!


Question 3・プロジェックトの結成時期とメンバー数 Who and when this team is established?

Answer 3: I won’t publicly list all of the members of the team, since I want to protect their identities, and I’m not sure if all of them want to be listed publicly. But Ms. Shinako Oyakawa was the manager for the team, and Ms. Madoka Yamada was the assistant manager. The team was established around one month before my trip to Okinawa and Japan.


Question 4・関空の入管で不当に拘束された時に最初に連絡を受けた人、 Who did Rob contact while detained by immigration in the Kansai Airport?

Answer 4: After being detained at Kansai Airport, first I called Professor Hoshin Nakamura of Okinawa University. Professor Nakamura then called Professor Masaki Tomochi of Okinawa International University. Later, I also called Professor Tomochi and spoke with him myself. Professor Tomochi then contacted Senator Kantoku Teruya. While I was waiting alone in the immigration room, I also contacted some people via messenger and social media to let them know that I was detained.

A more detailed written report of the entire incident at Kansai Airport will be released shortly.


Question 5・照屋寛徳議員にロブさん解放の依頼をした人、 Who called Senator Teruya Kantoku to help Rob while he was detained in immigration at Kansai Airport?

Answer 5: Professor Masaki Tomochi called Senator Teruya.


Question 6・県知事訪問の調整をした人、 Who made the appointment for the meeting with Governor Tamaki?

Answer 6: All of my scheduling for Okinawa was done by my Okinawan management team (The Rob Kajiwara is Coming to Okinawa Project), led by manager Shinako Oyakawa, and assistant manager Madoka Yamada.


Question 7・在沖、米国領事館との面会の交渉をした人 Who made arrangement for the meeting at the U.S. Consulate?

Answer 7: The appointment with the U.S. Consulate was scheduled by Mr. Charles Douglas Lummis, who worked in coordination with my Okinawan management team (The Rob Kajiwara is Coming to Okinawa Project) to arrange this meeting.


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