Mister Romney’s Neighborhood

Mister Romney’s Neighborhood

This was funny. This is a reference to Romney’s recent remark that if elected president, he would cut funding to PBS, a move which I am strongly against. If we can spend 45 million dollars on a single F16, we can surely keep PBS alive. PBS is important to early childhood education. Without it, kids are going to be left with no other choice but to watch Nickelodeon and Disney and all the junk those two channels feed kids.

(The dog joke is a reference to how he once tied his dog to the roof of his family vehicle.)

How to talk to a woman:


“Oh, you sly dog! Woof, woof! You are a real player, you know that?”




Just in case the video is someday taken off-line, here’s a transcript from the best part:

“You gotta march right up to this woman. You look her right in the eye. You lean forward, just really low…almost all the way. Then you let her lean forward just a little bit…until you’re just a lips distance away from each other. And then you just tell her…how much you hate her.”

– King Julian, Madagascar 2