Recommended Reading

The Essential

The Bible, of course.

Introduction to Supernatural Living

When Heaven Invades Earth, by Bill Johnson

Johnson is a long-time supernatural minister, and the senior pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California. Bethel can be considered the preeminent church in the U.S. for supernatural revival, and is a strong influence on many other churches that practice the supernatural. When Heaven Invades Earth provides a strong introduction to supernatural ministry, and Johnson addresses many of the questions Christians have when first breaking into the supernatural, such as why it’s important, and what to do when nothing happens.

Miracle Work, by Jordan Seng

Seng is the senior pastor at Bluewater Mission, a church plant in Honolulu, with a strong focus on ministering to the poor and oppressed. The book includes many faith stories of ordinary Christians who listen to the Holy Spirit, and incredible things happen. Seng has decades of experience in the supernatural, and he describes his personal trials and successes in Miracle Work. He regularly teaches about the supernatural at churches and conferences across the world.

Basics of the Bible

30 Days to Understanding the Bible, by Max Anders

Provides a solid basis for understanding the Bible. Recommended for any new believer, or anyone wanting to brush up on their general understanding of the Bible as a whole. Also useful for those wanting to get into teaching/preaching the Bible, since the overview Anders provides is useful when thinking about approaches at teaching. It’s repetitive, but that’s where it’s strength is.

Cross-cultural Missions

God of Light, God of Darkness, by Daniel Kikawa

Perpetuated in Righteousness, by Daniel Kikawa

Carrying Our Cross

Foxe’s Book of Martyrs

A classic. Chronicles the history of Christian martyrs. Available for free online.

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