Hedge of Protection

The other night I was in the mushpot at Bluewater Mission. A bunch of people were prophesying over me. One girl had already prophesied over me, but the pastor felt like there was one more prophecy that needed to be told for me, and he told her to give it to me. All of the prophecies I had been given were pretty intense. It was dramatic. The Holy Spirit was really moving. Things like about what God is currently doing in my life, what God will be doing in my life in the coming future, and some good advice about my current circumstances. Best of all, I knew that all the prophecies were true. So the girl prayed for a moment, then finally she said to me, “You need to laugh more.” It was so unexpected, I couldn’t help but laugh, and the others around me also laughed. I realized it was true. This semester has been a rather intense semester. Intense, but mostly in a good way. Nevertheless, I do feel exhausted, and I do feel like God is telling me I need to relax some, and, well, laugh. So I found this:

The best part is between 0:53-1:58. “I don’t mean to complain, but is that the best you can do?”