Ministering to the Homeless


Found this quote by a homeless Christian blogger:


A person who spends all their time trying to convert the already converted, and ignores or neglects their needs, is nursing a dead faith.

– A Homeless Christian


God has had me doing a bit of ministry to homeless people, and I feel like he’s calling me to do more. Not sure yet where this is going to lead me, but it sounds exciting. I think the above quote hits the nail on the head. A lot of homeless people are already saved. It’s their physical needs that need to be attended to. I live in a small city that has lots of homeless people, and lots of churches. If there are so many churches, you would think homelessness wouldn’t be a problem, right? Because Jesus said he expects his followers to minister to those in need. He said we are to share the kingdom of God with others, and in the kingdom of God, no one is needy. Unfortunately, it seems that many churches seem to think that by preaching to people, that fulfills the “ministering” quota. It seems many churches have forgotten about the part about ministering to people’s physical needs as well. Jesus himself ministered to peoples physical needs, as well as their spiritual needs.


Another quote by the same person:

Most people who feel compelled to bring Christianity to the homeless will declare the inerrancy of the Bible. The justification goes thusly – if the Bible is perfect, and they are preaching “from” the Bible, then the words they speak as they preach are also perfect, to be considered dutifully, without question. Such proclamations made so often at the begin of chapel services at the mission has caused many, including myself, to automatically turn off my attention, and dismiss whatever the chaplain is saying. On the other hand, if the chaplain starts out on the right foot, with humility and practicality, I’ve give him a listen


I think it’s important to remember that just because someone is homeless, does not mean they are unsaved.

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