The More I Seek You

Heard this song at my small group meeting on Monday. Actually, I like the version they played better than this one, since they played it with guitars, and a bongo, and they played it at a little faster tempo. Plus they used multiple voices. I was scheduled to lead worship this week at work, and I was trying to figure out what songs we should do. This was the first time I had ever heard the song, but the song moved me so much, I thought “we gotta do it!” This feeling was confirmed by my partner, since when I told her about the song, she was like, “I love that song!”

Unfortunately, this is the best version I can find on youtube:

I want to feel God’s heart beat. Previously I would say, “I want to see God’s face,” but I like the heart beat idea better. While I still want to see God’s face, I think it would be even more amazing to feel his heart beat. I think even demons could see God’s face – and then be thrown into hell. But to hear God’s heart beat means to be up close next to him, laying on his chest the way a child does to his Father.  I think only God’s children get to be that close to him.

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