“No Big Deal?”

“The longer your ‘no big deal’ list is before marriage, the shorter your ‘very special’ list will be after marriage. “

People think that showing physical affection is “no big deal.” People try to justify physical affection. “It’s just a little kiss, it’s no big deal.” But when you wait to do special things after marriage, it makes it all the more special. It makes the wait all worth while. This is one reason why I’ve chosen not to kiss anyone until my wedding day. (Even things like holding hands and hugging should be done with caution.) Some people might think that’s extreme, but it makes it more special. And really, if the person I’m kissing isn’t my wife, I shouldn’t be kissing her in the first place. And if a person really is my future wife, then it’ll be extra-special when we finally do kiss on our wedding day. Not to mention, it makes for a strong testimony to our faith in God. It makes it loud and clear that we honored God and the sanctity of marriage.

Giving into temptation in the short term might feel “good” and “right” at first, but it only damages ourselves in the long run. This is why God said that marriage is sacred and should be honored as such.

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