VBS 2012…and a 2013 Outlook

This summer I had the privilege of doing not one, but two Vacation Bible Schools. The first was with the church I attend, First Baptist Church of Pearl City. Our theme was Sonrise National Park. We had a good set of songs this year, with this being my personal favorite:

The second VBS was with Kohala Baptist Church, and the theme was Amazing Wonders Aviation.

There are basically 3 different VBS publishers that I know of. The first is Lifeway. They seem to be the most used, since most churches I know of us them, though my church does not. They’re the ones who did Amazing Wonders Aviation for 2012. Then there’s Gospel Light. They do the Sonrise series. The third is Group Publishing. In 2011, they did Pandamania, which my church used. (It was awesome.) Basically, my church tends to use either Gospel Light or Group Publishing. I don’t remember the last time we used Lifeway. See, my church has a well-organized committee devoted to VBS. From what I know, they look at all the VBS options, and select the one they feel will be best for the children of the church and the neighborhood. The theme, the curriculum, and the music all factor in to the decision of which VBS they choose.

Looking ahead to next year, Lifeway’s theme is Colossal Coaster World, a roller coaster themed VBS. Gospel Light’s theme is Sonwest Roundup, a cowboy/western theme. Group Publishing’s offer is Kingdom Rock, a medieval theme.

I’ve sampled some of each, and right now, if I had to vote for one, I’d probably choose Kingdom Rock. It seems to have the best music, and the medieval theme sounds cool. I like the cowboy theme of Sonwest Roundup (it’d give me a reason to use my cowboy hat), but I’m not sure about the music. I don’t know if my church will really dig the country music. Regardless of which one my church ends up choosing, I’ll probably end up doing the Colossal Coaster World with some church…especially if God lets me go back to Kohala next year.

Looking forward to next year’s VBS!