Today at work we took the kids on a field trip to Sandy Beach. We found a Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (Hawaii’s state fish) swimming wild, which is a rare sight. These guys are an endangered species, and are not usually seen in the wild (except at Hanauma Bay.)

I left my phone/camera at the school since I didn’t want it to get wet. But my coworker, Ken, took this picture of it:



It’s difficult to make out the colors in this photo, but the Humu is a truly beautiful fish.

Here’s a photo I found on Google, which shows more of its colors:

As you can see, it’s dominantly yellow, but has a large black strip running across its body (as well as a smaller one on its tail). The pictures don’t do it justice, though. It has red stripes on it’s fins, and blue-ish lines around its mouth, and in other places. It’s truly a remarkable work of God. Seeing one of these today in the wild was a real treat.

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