I have a few different names, and different people call me different things depending on the relationship I have with them.

Robert – My name. It’s almost always how I introduce myself. It’s what my friends and family call me.

Bobby (or Bob) – My childhood name. People who knew me when I was a kid still call me this. Mostly friends and family friends.

Takamasa – My Japanese middle name. Japanese people and people who speak Japanese sometimes call me this. Other than that, not many people do.

Adam – My middle name. Nobody calls me this.

Rob – My pen name/pseudonym/business name. I tend to use this name when I write things, or on “professional” material. I only introduce myself as Rob when in a business situation. I don’t like it when people call me Rob unless they’re a business associate. I don’t mind it when friends/people at church call me Rob every now-and-then, but if someone is constantly calling me “Rob,” and they never refer to me as “Robert,” I always notice, and it’s offensive. It’s like they don’t even know my real name and/or don’t care to call me by my real name. It’s distancing and formal. So unless you’re a business associate, don’t call me Rob, or at the very least, don’t make a habit of it. In short, my friends don’t call me Rob.

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