The Book of Love

A friend of mine introduced me to this song. At first, when I heard it, I was like…”It’s an OK song, I guess…kinda sappy, but whatever.” But then I heard the first chorus, and my heart turned to mush.

“But I

Love it when you read to me,

And you

Can read me anything.”

“Aww…” I thought. “That reminds me of the kids.” If they’re done with all their homework and have nothing else to do during study hall, I’ll let them choose a book and I’ll read to them.

“I like you,” said Giggles. “You read to me.”

They also love to read out loud to me. The other day Adam did a stirring rendition of the book “Who is Melvin Bubble?” It’s a funny story about this kid who goes around asking different people what they think of him. Everyone from his mom, to his friend, to Santa Claus, to the Tooth Fairy, and the Monster-Who-Lives-in-His-Closet. Everyone has a different opinion of him. Adam was changing his voice to match all of the characters, and the other kids thought it was hilarious.

The second chorus goes,

“But I

Love it when you sing to me,

And you,

You can sing me anything.”

The kids, Yuna in particular, like it when I sing to them.

“Can you sing please?” asks Yuna.

“What song?”


So I would sing, and Yuna would sing with me. She’s a good singer. The song we’d sing most often was “O Come All Ye Faithful,” since it was the Christmas season. We also did “Joy to the World,” and “Hark the Harold Angels Sing.”

The last chorus goes like this,

“But I

Love it when you give me things”

A lot of the kids like to give me things. Small things, like erasers or food. And they have cool erasers these days. Like, erasers that look like mini cupcakes or koalas, and other cute stuff. I’m not allowed to give them things though. School policy. But if I could, I totally would. When I’m out and about and I see things, I think, “Hey, Yuna (or any of the other kids) would like that.” I can’t wait to have my own kids. Then I can buy them tons of stuff.

The only part of the song that doesn’t make me think of the kids is the last part of the last chorus. The “wedding ring” part. That would be weird. Really weird.  But I guess if I had a daughter, that part of the song could relate when she’s older and I give her away in marriage.

Leave it to a bunch of kids and a sappy song to get a 25 year old guy all choked up.

2011 in Review – Top posts

2011 was the first full year I’ve kept a blog, and I found it to be a good experience. It’s not only a good way to hone and improve my writing skills, but it’s also helped me mature as a person. Not to mention, it’s fun, and I enjoy sharing things with you. Thank you so much for reading. I really appreciate knowing that people do read my blog, and I appreciate the feedback I’ve received.

Here’s what I consider to be my best posts from 2011. I chose this list (and the order) based on my own critical analysis of myself, and based on the feedback I’ve gotten. It’s a very unscientific list, and you are free to make your own judgements. I’ll also list the reasons why I chose them.


5. Even if we’re just dancing in the dark

I had to include at least one of my writings from the first half of the year, and this was one of them that received quite a bit of feedback. I considered all of the others that I wrote, but some I thought were too long, while others I thought I hadn’t written as well.

4. Cambodia Sharing

This was the transcript of the testimony I gave at church about my mission trip to Cambodia over the summer.

3. Praise of the Week

I couldn’t make a list without including a post about my kids from school. (And I also limited myself to one, because when it comes to posts about kids, I’m sorta biased.) I chose this post because it’s short and sweet, and kinda sums up my interaction with kids into one little post.

2. Ashlyn the Whack-a-Mole

Funny because you wouldn’t expect this type of behavior from a little kid, yet still innocent and sweet.

1. True Love

I chose this as my number one article of the year because I think it’s heartfelt and deep. Not too long, and not too short, I think it’s one of my more well-written posts of the year.


I guess the list is biased, since 4 out of 5 choices were written in the second half of the year. I tend to judge my earlier writings harsher than my more recent writings. One reason is because my earlier writings were lengthier, and recently I’ve been into writing shorter, more frequent posts. The other reason is I’m slightly afraid of going back and reading my earlier writings. I don’t know why. I guess I’m afraid they’ll be terrible, and I’ll be embarrassed for having written them. But I guess that’s part of the process, right? People grow and change. I may have written something at one point in my life, but that doesn’t mean I would have written it the same way at a later point. The same, I think, goes for everyone, in everything we do in life. Interesting to see growth and change, no?

Baba Yetu (The Lord’s Prayer)

Who says video games can’t be beautiful? The song is called “Baba Yetu,” from the game Civilization IV. (One of my favorites.) The lyrics are the Lord’s Prayer, in Swahili. My brothers, who are not exactly the most cosmopolitan (or religious) bunch, love this song.

My mom was surprised when she heard them listening to this.

“This song sounds nice,” she said. “Why are they listening to it?”

I don’t blame her. My brothers usually watch videos about sarcastic smack-talking oranges, things blowing up, and people jumping off roofs and things like that, so this is a noticeable difference for them.

My New Year’s Eve

My New Year’s Eve’s are always uneventful. New Year’s Eve is supposed to be exciting, right? At least, in my mind, it should be. But on these nights I never have anywhere to go, and I never have anything to do. I don’t know why, it just always works out like that.

Even when I was back in Seattle with my family, my dad would usually fall asleep on the couch by 10, my mom would work the night shift, which left just me and my siblings to find something to do ourselves. We’d watch videos, most notably, Rudolph’s Shiny New Year, which I think is one of the only New Year’s movies out there. (That I know of anyway.) But even then, we’d get bored before too long. I don’t know what I expect New Year’s Eve to be like, but I guess I expect it to be more fun. But coming off of Christmas, the bar has been set high, and I guess it’s kinda hard to top it.

So this year, again having nothing to do, I thought I’d at least get to spend quality time with my grandparents. But immediately my grandma went to her bedroom and shut the door, and my grandpa went to his workshop in the garage and stayed there most of the night.

“So much for that idea,” I thought.

So I ended up skyping with my siblings back in Seattle. Which was fun, up until 10 pm. Due to the time difference, that’s when they celebrated the New Year, and went to sleep right after. So for the last two hours I was alone again with nothing to do. There was nothing even good on tv. My grandpa had been watching the Country Music New Year’s celebration thingy. Yuk. I don’t hate country music, but I’m not a fan, and the idea of spending New Year’s Eve watching country music performers didn’t strike me. So after my grandpa left and I realized he wasn’t coming back I changed the channel. But still there was nothing good on.

Finally at midnight my grandpa came out, and we went outside to watch some fireworks go off around Waipahu.

So I guess I did get to spend some time with family after all. And it gave me a good opportunity to practice my resolution for 2012: look at the glass as half full instead of half empty.